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Theha B.V. is a company that is specialised in producing food products based on coconut. Since 1954 we are focussed on these products. This decision proved to be successful. We are proud to say that decades later we are a leading company in the area coconut products in Europe. In 2003 we produced over 35 million slices of coconut sandwich filling. Which was part of a total production of over 1,000 tons. And sales are still growing. Especially because our bussiness becomes more international.

A position like that is not achieved in one moment. Our capacity to empathize in the consumers has helped Theha to become a successful producer. It can be seen in the range of products that has been adapted through the years. Therefore we can say that our products, unless their long history, still fit in these times. Theha has been growing from a one-man business to a stable medium sized company. A grow that had a tremendous influence on our company. However, one aspect didn’t change at all; the care for our product. Because of the care for high quality, most of our products are still produced in an artisinal way. Furthermore we only work with the best grinded coconut imported from South-East Asia. This grinded coconut is the basis for the total range of products. No matter If the customer likes the sandwich filling, the cocoscubes, or the grinded coconut for culinary applications, we produce it all. Our customers know that and order with pleasure. Even if our range of products does not answer the need of the customer, we are prepared to find a solution. Flexibility is of great value for the company. Are you interested in our products? Or maybe you first want to have further information? Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you!


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