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Since its foundation in 1929, the company for processing of meat products Zandvliet Vleeswaren has profiled itself as a reliable partner, a business with a keen eye on the market. Zandvliet Vleeswaren offers to the market, from industry to consumer, the production of grill products, a large assortment of cooked sausages, additional sausage varieties (like Hot Dogs) and a big choice of stripes / cubes smoked, salted bacon (lardons) and ham. These are traditionally prepared meats produced by industrial means.

Zandvliet offers innovative products and the visible trend on convenience; the increasing demand for ready-packed articles, has led to its expansion as a supplier for the food industry. Technical developments, expertise, fashionable packaging and optimal distribution contributed to the fact that ready-made foods gained their position in the eating habits of the consumer. Zandvliet has clearly answered a need in the marketing with the introduction of a segmented variety of products. Very important features in this respect are product safety and long shelf lives. 


Zandvliet Vleeswaren delivers to:
· Retailers: consumer products and meal components for the self-service department and bulk-articles for the service-department
· Wholesalers: consumer and bulk articles, semi-finished products and meal components
· Industry; semi-finished products and meal components

Zandvliet can also, within each product group, manufacture most of its bulk products in consumer packs vacuum or/if atmosphere packaging. These are available in nearly any desired weight and in various presentations.
· Half ring with / without see-through cross-cut
· Whole ring
· Straight with / without see-trough cross-cut
· 500g., 350g., 250g., 200g., 180g., 150g. etc grams vacuum or / if atmosphere packaging.


Zandvliet Vleeswaren range of products offers a wide choice to buyers, from European retail organisations, as well as industrial producers in the food sector and others. International convenience specialties for the consumer and semi-manufactured products for the industry are now regularly exported to, among others, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Czech and Slovak.

The most commonly exported products are:

For the Retail : Self – Service department
·       Grilled sausage, based on pork or chicken
·       Cooked sausage, based on pork/beef or beef or chicken or on pork/beef with a max.of 7% fat
·       Fleischwurst
·       Grilled minced meatloaf, based on beef/pork or turkey or on beef with Mexican herbs
·       Grilled Ham
·       Ready-made breakfast sausages
·       Hot Dogs, Barbecue sausage, smoked sausage 
·       Stripes and cubes ( Lardons(bacon), chicken, ham, luncheon meat, salami, chorizo etc )
·       Convenience products (easy sausages, ready-made breakfast sausages)


For the international food industry :
Zandvliet processed meat products delivers a wide assortment of semi-manufactured products and meal components. Sealed stuffed sausages can also be delivered in cubes and stripes ( lardons ). Of course we are prepared  to develop a product on demand for the industry and we are in the position to deliver it in many different packaging . At this moment we deliver a big different semi-manufactured products and meal components (such as : cooked ham , chicken, bacon lardons, salami, luncheon meat, hot dogs, smoked sausage etc.) for the salad-, hot dogs-,pizza-, bakery-, ready meals-, soup industry. 


Zandvliet Vleeswaren is also open to proposals to develop and / or to manufacture new products both for private labels at the top of the market and for the discount range. Flexibility and customer-specific work are Zandvliet’s strong points.

Within the total production process, traceability and product safety are very important items. All processes are under permanent control of the quality control unit. 

Detection systems warn immediately when, for whatever reason, a deviation in the original manufacturing method is detected. Working with fresh ingredients requires the highest possible accuracy. At Zandvliet Vleeswaren, therefore, Total Quality Management (TQM) plays an important role. HACCP-discipline is at this level an obvious requirement. Furthermore, Zandvliet fulfils the quality control introduced by the British retailers, BRC and also now by IFS (International Food Standard) 

Zandvliet Vleeswaren BV
Faradayweg 4
2627 AX Delft – Holland
Tel.: +31-15-2562200 
Fax: +31-15-2621751 



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