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The Ruys family established their cheese business in Woerden in 1824 and the company has remained loyal to its location since then. During many years, a descendent of the founder has been at the head of ERU. Over the past 182 years, it has become difficult to think of Woerden, in the green heart of Holland, without thinking of Royal ERU Kaasfabriek B.V. 

As a result of the experiments at the beginning of last century (melting cheeses with the purpose to develop a high quality, long-life product), processed cheese in all its varieties is now the core business of the organisation. Once it has been melted, the cheese becomes a highly manageable product that can be solidified in any desired form.

GoudKuipje: ERU´s success story! A large number of highly significant milestones have been achieved in the history of our organisation. Following the initial success of experiments in cheese processing, Mr. Ruys opened the first cheese factory in the nineteen twenties, making it possible to manufacture processed cheese on a larger scale. 

Over 182 years of history but still continuously innovating and developing to maintain and extend the leading position in the processed cheese market. With branches in Woerden (Holland), Budapest (Hungary) and Sangerhausen (Germany) and a worldwide export market, ERU is sure to succeed in her mission. In state-of-the art production facilities the combination of further perfected production methods, dedication and, of course, superior quality raw materials guarantees a bright future for this entirely Dutch company. 

Processed cheese has more than proved itself over the decades, and ERU, in particular, is unrivalled in its production and marketing of varieties that the market demands! 

Product information: 
Since 1959, Goudkuipje has been the most trusted and famous square cup of cheese spread in the Netherlands. The cup is full of tasty creamy cheese spread and no breakfast or lunch is complete without it! There are several different flavours, so it is a good choice for everyone. Goudkuipje is also available in other countries in Europe. 
Slimkuipje has been developed for people who are aware of what they eat. They really want to eat healthy, but do also require a very good taste. Slimkuipje is perfect for them: the cheese spread contains only 5% fat and the famous taste of ERU is still there. It is perfect on bread and also on toast during the evening, with a glass of wine for example. 


Chèvre Doux / Crème de Brie / Crème au Bleu 
These three cheese spreads with foreign flavours (goat cheese, brie cheese and blue cheese) are the latest products of ERU. They have excellent tastes and combined with bread or toast makes them very special. 

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