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     Euro Pâtisserie Producties-Twello BV is an internationally operating producer and exporter of a wide range of savoury biscuits, sweet biscuits and cakes. All products are being produced in two modern and well equipped production facilities in the Netherlands, or (exclusively) under license by third parties.
On the field of puff pastry biscuits Euro Pâtisserie is a leading manufacturer on the European market. Our products are being distributed worldwide and we deliver our products to many retailers either directly or indirectly through partnerships with major importers and/or brand manufacturers.
Puff pastry cheese biscuits in printed foil
  Our product range includes amongst others the following products:

Butter puff pastry cheese biscuits 

Twiggles; a range of cheese biscuits baked with real butter and packed in completely printed alu-foil under the Euro Pâtisserie brand which consists of the following articles: twisted Cheese Sticks, twisted Sticks lightly salted, Cheese Straws (long), Cheese Butterflies, Mini Twiggles and an assortment (Selection).
Puff pastry cheese biscuits in luxury rooftop boxes
A range of cheese biscuits baked with real butter and packed in ‘rooftop’ luxury boxes under our Euro Pâtisserie brand which consists of the following articles: Cheese Straws (long), Cheese Butterflies, Cheese Crispies, Cheese Spirals, Mediterranean Cheese Straws, Cheese and onion ‘Pretzels’ and Assorted Mini Cheese Puffs.
Puff pastry cheese biscuits in luxury rectangular boxes
  Puff pastry biscuits
    A range of sweet puff pastry biscuits which consists amongst others of: Cracknels, Palmiers, Cinnamon Straws, Big Chocolate Bowties and assortments (with real chocolate). 

A wide and varied range of luxury biscuits and a complete range of Euro Pâtisserie Cookies in completely printed foil (Peanut Cookies, Sprits Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Chocolate Chips Cookies, Chocolate Sprits Cookies, Palmiers, Cracknels and Eclairs Cookies.
Puff pastry biscuits sweet in luxury rectangular boxes
‘Ready to prepare’ vanilla or tiramisu slices (Tompouces)

The packaging contains all ingredients to prepare 6 delicious cakes with a creme filling and a sugar glaze topping in just a few minutes without baking and/or cooking !  
Luxury Cakes 

A range of luxury cakes; a.o. coconut cakes, Battenbergs, and Turnovers.
Ready to prepare cakes in luxury rectangular boxes
  Company philosophy
               Luxury cakes
  The combination of quality awareness, flexibility and the ability to recognize new trends and developments on both the domestic and export markets enables Euro Pâtisserie to translate these developments and customers’ wishes into tailor made solutions for their trading partners.

All our products can also be delivered under private label. 

We attach great value to intensive cooperation(s) with our partners on the field of marketing, product development and distribution as these are key factors for succesful partnership. These factors in combination with an excellent price/quality ratio have contributed to Euro Pâtisserie gaining a significant position on both the home and (many) export markets.   

Food safety 

All our production facilities are BRC and IFS certified.
For more detailed information about our products you can also contact our office: 

Euro Pâtisserie Producties Twello BV 
Dorpsstraat 1, NL-7391 DC, Twello 
P.O. Box 154, NL-7390 AD, Twello 
Telephone: +31 571 273974 
Facsimile: +31 571 274025 

More information is available at 


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